How to Get Started On Email Marketing?

Social media and other online channels have become the biggest platform for marketing nowadays. Even so, email marketing is still a brilliant method of digital marketing and there is plenty of reason to support this. And if you are interested to know why email marketing will be worth your while, keep reading ahead!

What Is Email Marketing?

In very simple words, email marketing is nothing but a digital marketing strategy where you are required to connect to potential customers by sending emails to them. This is a foolproof method of marketing with high success rates because more often than not, it is easy to win over potential customers who often become regular or permanent clients.

The main goal here is to communicate with your lead and promote your brand or product in such a way that the lead is inclined to become a dedicated customer.

How to Get Started on Email Marketing?

Why Is Email Marketing So Effective?

Now, let’s focus on the most important question – what is it that makes email marketing so effective and successful?

On the very basic level, it allows you to stay connected with your customers (especially mobile customers) since the world is now dominated by smartphones and tablets. What’s even better is that older devices like desktops support emails as well. Hence, you can reach a vast majority of customers most of whom check emails on their phones.

A plus point for the business owners is that you have to barely invest in the technological front of your business in order to reach customers. It is also beneficial for the customer as they can stay informed about the business through email marketing. The prospect of rewards and coupons alone is enough to make them stay connected with you. This, obviously, does wonders for the revenue as it easily attracts customers.

The fact that emails are customizable and more importantly can be personalized for the customer, makes email marketing that much more effective. Customers are more likely to respond and take action if you make use of this marketing scheme.

All in all, you would be reaching out to a huge number of clients or customers at the cost of only a few pennies per message. This will be advantageous for both big and small businesses as the conventional advertisement cost often exceeds that of email marketing.

Why Is Building Your Email List So Important?

Emails, which are compiled into a list, from prospective clients or customers who are interested to gain information and updates about your brand is called an email list. The emails are sent to the customers to keep them up-to-date digitally.

We have already established that email marketing is a successful marketing scheme. With a very high click-through rate and the ability to gather more customers than any social media platform, forming an email list is a must.

The bigger your email list, the more subscribers and followers you have to reach out to. Hence, we recommend you to build an email list because when you do so, you will be getting more customers which will be beneficial for the overall business.

The best way to get started on your list is to have a CTA or ‘call to action’ button on your brand’s homepage. When a visitor decides to subscribe through the CTA, your email list grows. So, find a few means to get more of your visitors to subscribe to your emails! In this case, make use of your social media accounts or add pop-up images to your homepages. Do not forget to give the visitors a good reason to subscribe which will expand your email list.

How to Get Started on Email Marketing?

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a profitable digital marketing venture. Here are a few benefits you will gain from it.

  1. Inexpensive and economic

Think of all the costs you would have to bear if you used any other form of advertisement – printing, postage, ad space and whatnot. With email marketing, you would have to bear none of these costs. Rather you would be spending only a minimal amount to generate a bigger profit. It was estimated by Direct Marketing Association that for every dollar spent on email marketing, $40 is gained.

  1. You can reach targeted customers

Marketing or advisement done in social media, television, magazine or newspapers is directed towards every reader or user of that particular platform. However, there is no guarantee that every user will be interested in your brand or product. You basically have zero control over your viewer or customer in this regard.

But email marketing poses no such hindrance. Your email list consists of people who are genuinely interested in your brand or product. You may also divide the email list into several sections according to lead status, location, demographics and more. This allows you to cater to the needs of your different targeted customers.

As mentioned before, you should try to customize and individualize each email for a specific customer. This tends to win over customers more easily.

  1. Allows you to assess the success of your campaign

By monitoring the open rates, bounce rates and click-through rates, you can easily assess the success of your campaign. These rates will help you get a clear idea about the customer’s interest and what is in higher demand.

And when you focus more on marketing the topics of their interest, and adjust your campaign accordingly, they are more likely to make a positive response. This will ultimately be profitable for you.

  1. Emails are shareable

Emails are easily shareable with a large group of people. That is, customers can forward an email they find intriguing to family or friends who could be interested, in an instant. This increases your circle of clients substantially, further promoting your business. Not all other marketing platforms allow such easy sharing of content.

How to Get Started on Email Marketing?

Choosing An Email Service Provider

Email is such a method of communication, which will stick around for ages or possibly forever. It is practically used by almost everyone who is connected to the world of internet. Hence, we suggest you get started on those email lists without any further delay. To attract customers, make sure you have a great subject for each email that is relevant and clearly states the purpose. You may also use videos and such to make the email lucrative.

But before you do all that, remember to choose the best email service provider in the field. They should be able to cater to your needs, generating leads that are promising for you.

If we were to suggest, Getresponse and AWeber would definitely be on the top of our list. Check out the links for their pricing and features. We can guarantee you that your campaign will be a huge success if you utilize any one of these two email marketing providers!

Just getting started?

If you’re worried about doing this all alone, let us give you a helping hand. We are email marketing experts and we can help you with email marketing integration for your business. For further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us because we are here to help you do email marketing right!

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