Email marketing is one of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers. It makes it easy to promote your services and products, while also educating your customer base and offering customers the solutions they need. That’s where AWeber comes into play. AWeber is a dedicated email marketing solution that helps you create extraordinary emails, while also handling the delivery process. This is a top of the line solution for anyone that wants to create a customer list, manage it and use it to promote their business in a professional manner.

Aweber recently announced the release of their free plan, which gives access to most of the platform’s features with certain limitations. This is extremely important, because you finally get to have a system through which you can test out the service. The Aweber free plan is also designed for small businesses that have a low number of subscribers, since they don’t have to pay anything for the Aweber services anymore. This comes as a response to the numerous challenges small businesses are facing due to the Covid Pandemic. However, it’s also a great trial mode for anyone interested in the service!

Why do you need to create a customer list?

If you’re looking to inform customers or provide them various discounts and vouchers, it makes a lot of sense to create a customer list. The list includes email addresses for your clients, all of which were shared voluntarily via an enrollment form. Ideally you want to have multiple ways to capture customer emails, and then you can use the customer list for marketing promotion. With help from AWeber, you will find it extremely easy to capture and store emails.

But the best part is that you can target certain sub-audiences, which means you can easily create a separate customer list based on what you want to promote. This simple feature helps increase the conversion rate more than you might imagine. You’re addressing to people that really care about the offer in question, and that alone can make a huge difference.

Why is email marketing important for your business?

There are many reasons why you want to use AWeber for email marketing. With its help you can lower marketing costs, all while reaching an already engaged audience. It’s also the best way to deliver targeted messages, while being able to measure the impact of every message you sent. The emails are easy to share, you have complete customization options to choose from, and you can reach anyone in the world. Plus, you can have select targeting features to ensure that you connect with the people you want!

Designing emails has never been easier

The main problem that most people have with email marketing is that they usually stick with a default email design. If you want your business and emails in particular to stand out, then you really need to step away from the norm. You want something that’s different, unique and which helps connect with people in a very rewarding manner. That’s where AWeber shines, because you have a large template library that you can start with and then build up from there.

However, the platform goes even further, bringing you a landing page designer and a drag and drop email creator. If you want to use a template but also modify and design everything visually without programming knowledge, then this will work for you very well. On top of that, there’s also a feature where you will have an AI powered assistance that helps you build up email templates automatically according to your requirements.

Comprehensive automation solutions

When you want to grow your business, there are lots of things you need to handle and manage on your own. That’s why you need all the assistance that you can get. AWeber allows you to fully automate the email sending process, and it can be fully personalized based on the customer base and other requirements. It certainly delivers the results you expect, while also delivering all the control you need and so much more.

To make things even better, you can even import some pre-built campaigns that already have a really good performance. It really helps make everything shine, and the results themselves will be incredible every time thanks to this approach. AWeber is all about innovation, it constantly uses the latest email technology to help make the email process a breeze for everyone. Your business will finally have very high quality, top of the line emails that everyone will be able to cherish and enjoy. It’s a great opportunity and one of the most interesting ways to push the limits and showcase your true value and quality.

Professional delivery and analytics system

Another important aspect when it comes to AWeber is the fact that it’s designed to work seamlessly and without any errors. The company has an industry-leading delivery system, they control everything and there’s no outsourcing involved. That provides a much better result and value, not to mention the delivery speed is very quick.

Moreover, AWeber also has its own analytics system. That means you can study the results of your campaigns and how every email performed individually. It’s safe to say that the first few times you will need to experiment with emails a lot as you help your target audience. It will take some trial and error to make everything work, but the potential is great. Not only that, but you can study analytics for every email you sent, so everything is highly detailed and focused on offering you the utmost quality and value.

Auto newsletter

It’s interesting to see that AWeber actually has a unique system that will create emails based on your latest blog posts. This is a blog broadcast system, and the idea is that you can always share the latest blogs with the audience via email so they won’t miss any post. This is not enabled from the start, but it’s one of those great features that this solution provides and it works exactly the way you would imagine.

Subscriber management

With help from this email marketing tool you can easily manage your subscribers. You can change any information and update it, and you can fully personalize emails for every customer if that’s what you want. It’s important to note that there are certain filters you can use such as people that are already subscribed for example, but you can also filter by date, segment and other important aspects.

In case you want to focus on creating a sign up form, you can totally do that with AWeber too. These forms are mobile-ready, they are fully responsive and you will have no problem making sure they are fully customized to suit your needs and requirements. They even added migration services, so in case you already have a list and want to move it to the AWeber platform, then you can import it if you want.

AWeber pricing

The AWeber pricing is focused on the subscriber count.  For 0-500 you pay $19 per month, 501-2,500 will cost $29, 2,501 – 5,000 subscribers will be $49 and 5,001 – 10,000 subscribers will be $69 per month. From 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers you need to pay $149 per month. It’s important to note that you can spend up to 14.9% less if you go with a yearly cycle.

Until recently, these were the only options available, and no one was able to purchase anything other than these options. Thankfully, a new Aweber free plan was recently announced, and it’s designed from the ground up with the idea of helping business owners test the service before considering any of the paid plans.

The interesting thing about the Aweber free plan is that it actually has some of the paid features, albeit with some limitations. Still, this is one of the best ways you can get a feel for the program, the way it works and the features that it provides.

Within the Aweber free plan you can find:

  • Free Aweber migration, in case you want to come to this platform from other email services, you don’t have to pay for anything.
  • You receive professional customer support, just like paid users
  • You have access to the Aweber integration library and that can help make the email management and sending process a whole lot faster and easier.
  • Full access to the template library, and you can create an unlimited number of landing pages
  • The content creation tools like professional images, smart designer and the drag and drop email builder are all readily accessible
  • You are allowed to send up to 3000 emails per month to 500 subscribers.

Being able to create a customer list and sending messages to up to 500 people free of charge is amazing, and it really goes to show the amazing value and quality you receive from this.

Why do we receive an Aweber free plan now?

People have been asking for the Aweber free plan for quite some time now. Apparently the main reason why Aweber is sharing it now is because they want to help companies deal with the challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. These tools are extremely powerful, and being able to use them for free can really make a huge difference.


The newly released Aweber free plan is definitely one of the top free solutions for email marketing you can use right now. It comes heavily recommended since it has free tools that you would otherwise pay for if you use other services. The interface is impressive, you have great management tools and a stellar delivery system, and even the restrictions are more than generous. It’s a good idea to try out the Aweber free plan today, it’s well worth a shot!

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